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At On The Spot Oil Changes we provide service for a variety of auto maintenance. Fleet service includes standard oil changes, filter changes, tire rotations, brake system checks, multi-point inspections and more

Fleet Oil Change Services - Min 4 vehicles

Standard Oil Change includes:

Change Oil with Synthetic Blend Oil or Full Synthetic

(Replace & recycle your car' used oil and filter)

Top off window washer fluid

Check the levels of other important fluids:

1. AntiFreeze / Coolant

2. Brake Fluid

3. Power Steering Fluid

4. Transmission Fluid - fill as needed up to 1 pint

Check Tire Pressure

 Air Filter (Replacement optional - additional fee)

 Wiper Blades (Replacement optional - additional fee)

With our 6 month program, earn brake flush on all the vehicles for free, talk to one of our techs for more information

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